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 Our Highest Ranked Clients Based On Today's IMDB STARmeter Scores


65% of Our Clients Rank in World's Top 2%!
% of Our Clients Rank in World's Top 5%!
As Ranked by Today's IMDB STARmeter™
Our top PR clients this week are . . .

  Congratulations to OUR TOP CLIENTS
85% of our clients are ranked in the upper 5% of Entertainment Industry Professionals Worldwide!
And 65% rank in the top 2%!  Our top PR clients this week are . . .


#2:  Melissa Johnston

A fabulous actress with an amazing range - and a wonderful person.  Very talented and a great personality.  Also a professional spokesperson, kickboxer, dancer, swordswoman.  Very good on the red carpet.  IMDB STARmeter ranked in upper one-half of one percent of entertainment professionals worldwide.     IMDB Here - Website  

Melissa is in the Top 1/2 of 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#3:  Katarina Leigh Waters

An amazing professional actor-producer and an amazing person.  One of the best and best known female professional wrestlers alive today.  Known as "Katie Lea Burchill" in the WWE and "Winter" in TNA.  A wonderful person with an outstanding personality.  Extraordinarily good in front of the cameras and on the red carpet.    IMDB Here

Katarina is in the Top 1/2 of 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#4:  Karimah Westbrook

A well-known, well-respected and highly accomplished actor-producer best known for her outstanding performances opposite Johnny Depp in "The Rum Diary;” opposite Alfre Woodard in "American Violet;" and opposite actor/director Mario Van Peebles in Sony Classics’ critically acclaimed "Baadasssss."  Her growing list of impressive acting credits includes 13 feature films and over 20 guest-starring TV appearances.  She has also produced several award-winning short films.  Wonderful in front of the camera and a beacon (and great interviewee) on the red carpet, Karimah is usually IMDB ranked in the top fraction of 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!   IMDB Here - Website Here

Karimah is in the Top 1/2 of 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#5:  Myron Natwick

Very good veteran actor.  His nearly one hundred film and television roles go back to "Perry Mason."  Perhaps best known for his regular role in the TV Series "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," Myron is an accomplished professional actor who brings characters to life brilliantly.  Good on the red carpet and in front of the cameras.  His starring role in "Amber's Story" airs two more times this month on Lifetime.  IMDB Here 

Myron is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#6:  Bill Blair

Guinness World Record Holder, having portrayed more species and variations of aliens than any other actor in  history.  Also a producer and author.  Very good on the red carpet, very professional (he wrote the book on professionalism in the industry, "The Professional's Talent Handbook")  IMDB Here [for the right event, and with enough notice, Bill can walk the red carpet as one of his many alien characters] 

Bill is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#8:  Katherine Norland

An excellent actress with over 100 film credits.  Also a poet, an award-winning writer-director, and an amazing person.  Her latest currently-running commercial stars her and her 4-year-old son.  A fascinating lady who is really good on the red carpet and in front of the cameras.  A good interviewee.  IMDB Here   

Katherine is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#9:  Savannah Ostler

An amazing professional singer-actress.  Often referred to as "the new Hannah Montana."  Also a producer/director/writer.  Has a wonderful bubbly personality and knows how to entertain!  A dynamic performer.  Very good, very professional on the red carpet, very comfortable and very good in front of the camera.  IMDB Here  

Savannah is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#10:  Gary Sievers

An accomplished veteran actor, producer and cinematographer, Gary has over film and television credits.  A very versatile actor, he is at home in front of the camera, behind the camera, on stage, and on the red carpet.  A very nice, helpful person who brings value to every project in which he is involved.   IMDB

Gary is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#11: Judy Karman

A brilliant lady who has enjoyed a great career as a part of a billion-dollar company, Judy's true love is the entertainment industry.  She is excellent in front of the camera and on the red carpet and epitomizes professionalism in every aspect of her live.  A very good interviewee with a really good personality. IMDB Here More Here

 Judy is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#12:  Jake "The Snake" Roberts

One of the very best professional wrestlers of all time.  Generally recognized as the greatest talker and the greatest mind in the wrestling business . . . ever.  One of the top five wrestling legends alive today.  An amazing actor and an amazing man.  He possesses a wonderfully unique voice.  Nobody plays 'evil' like Jake Roberts.  Brilliant on the microphone and in front of the camera, and a 'show-stopper' on the red carpet.   IMDB Here  

Jake is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

updating - #13 - Elle Sonnet - 45,179 - Top 1%

#14:  Nadia Sahari

Talk about a fascinating individual!  An outstanding producer, director, author, host/interviewer, actor and more.  Wonderful on the red carpet and in front of the cameras.  A great interviewer and a great interviewee.  A total professional.  IMDB Here 

Nadia is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#15:  Joycelyne Lew

An extraordinary actress-producer-performer and successful entrepreneur, Joycelyne has been performing since the age of four - and she really excels at what she does!  You can catch her live at the famous Magic Castle or the Pantages or doing stand-up at various comedy clubs.  She owns several businesses including her "Final Print" entertainment industry printing company.  Her clients include Chaka Khan, Jeff Dunham, One Direction, Bon Jovi, KFI and over 13,000 additional actors and celebrities.  Wonderful in front of the camera - a great interviewee - and excellent on the red carpet.  The National Enquirer has made her a large offer for her story (major international press upcoming!)  IMDB Here

Joycelyne is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#16:  Tai Urban

In a word, Extraordinary!  13-year-old Tai Urban is a multiple award-winning martial artist whose mastery of weapons is more than impressive.  He is an amazing actor who is totally at home in front of the camera and on the red carpet.  His fan base and his career are exploding.  (Watch this one!)  IMDB Here

Tai is in the Top 1% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!   

#17:  Rock Riddle

Producer-writer-actor-publicist.  Enjoys "legend" status as a "Hall of Famer" and the original "Mr. Wonderful" of professional wrestling.  One of the best public speakers around, he is amazingly good on the microphone, in front of the cameras, and on the red carpet.
  IMDB Here - More Here - Even More Here 

Rock is in the Top 1 and 1/2 percent of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#18:  Delilah Andre

Many recognize this gifted actress from her guest starring role on "Veronica Mars."  She is a martial arts expert and instructor as well as a professional model-actor-singer-dancer.  Delilah has a great personality and energy.  She adds excitement to every red carpet and she is a very good interviewee.  IMDB Here 

TODAY'S IMDB STARmeter RANK: 68,687 
Delilah is in the Top 1 and 1/2 percent of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#19:  Oliver Rayón

 A very talented actor with the ability to play a wide range of characters - and a gentleman.  He is very good on the red carpet and in front of the film or television cameras.  Also a good interviewee.  IMDB Here

Oliver is in the Top 1 and 1/2 percent of entertainment industry professionals!   

#20: Denise Glass

An amazingly good professional actress (with an extraordinary range) whom we predict will win an Academy Award within the next five years.  Her wonderful personality along with her great wit and charm combine to make her a natural on the red carpet.  She's a "great interview" and a natural in front of the cameras.  IMDB Here More Info Here

  TODAY'S IMDB STARmeter RANK: 74,824
Denise is in the Top 1 and 1/2 percent of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#21: Toni Fox

An exceptionally talented professional actress, writer, spokesperson, singer and entrepreneur, Toni is  the creator of DATE NITE BOX - the "FIRST service ever to plan, book, box and deliver amazingly unique dates for couples, encouraging truly lasting and loving relationships!"  A lovely lady with an incredible personality, Toni is a highly entertaining spokesperson for her creation.  Her personal dating experiences actually inspired her recent film script, “30 Men in 30 Days!”  Totally at home in front of the cameras and on the red carpet, you'll find her to be a great attribute to any project with which she is involved.  IMDB HERE - More Info Here

Cali is in the Top 1 and 1/2 percent of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#22: Cali T. Rossen

A gifted professional actress, producer, and entrepreneur with a great personality, Cali is totally at home in front of the cameras.  She is building a huge international following with her film success.  She is great on the red carpet and she "gives great interview."  Very knowledgeable and very well-connected in the industry.    IMDB Here  -  Website Here

Cali is in the Top 2% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#23:  Jeffrey Breslauer

An outstanding professional actor with over two decades of experience.  A really good guy (who can play some really bad guys) with a great personality and love of the business.  He excels in front of the camera and on the red carpet.  IMDB Here

Jeffrey is in the Top 2% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#24:  Rick Foxx

A very talented actor/producer with an amazing personality.  Very comfortable in front of the cameras - whether on set of on the red carpet.  A good interviewee, very charismatic.  A fast-rising star -- an actor to watch!

IMDB Here - Website Here

 Rick is in the Top 2% percent of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#25:  Valentina Zell

An extraordinary professional actress and a wonderful person, this lady really lights up the red carpet.  With over a dozen starring roles in film and television, she is quickly building an international following.  Very much at home in front of the camera and on the red carpet.  A very good interviewee with a great personality. IMDB Here - Website Here

TODAY'S IMDB STARmeter RANK: 108,027 
 Valentina is in the Top 2% percent of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

  #26:  Meli Alexander

A very talented and dedicated actress, Meli is very good in front of the cameras and on the red carpet.  Also a gourmet chef and a wonderful lady.  A fascinating person, she brings energy and enthusiasm to the red carpet, the microphone, and the film set. IMDB Here

 TODAY'S IMDB STARmeter RANK: 109,061
 Meli is in the Top 2% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

updating . . . #28:  Kelly Stadum - 150,233 - Top 3%

#29:  Tad Atkinson

Actor, Producer, Director, Coach, Vice President of Cuban Lightning Enterprises.  Also a professional speaker - Very Good on the Red Carpet.  Has performed internationally as an actor and singer.  IMDB Here

TODAY'S IMDB STARmeter RANK: 157,638
Tad is in the Top 3% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

updating #30 - Len J. Phillips 192,594 - Top 4%

updating . . . #31: Thomas Gunter - 205,472 - Top 4%

#32:  Randy Kent

Six-Time Award-Winning Director.  CEO of Bag Boy Productions.  A very good public speaker, good on the red carpet, a good interviewee/guest.  A young, accomplished director rising very quickly in the industry!

IMDB Here -- More Information Here -- Even More Information Here

TODAY'S IMDB STARmeter RANK: 210,960
Randy is in the Top 5% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#33:  Monique Marissa Lukens

updating . . .

TODAY'S IMDB STARmeter RANK: 224,911
 Monique is in the Top 5% percent of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

#34:  Arlene Barshinger

A professional actress and radio show host whose popularity and following is growing exponentially, Arlene is a fascinating high-energy person.  Articulate, witty, intelligent and likable, she is very good in front of the camera and on the red carpet.  She's equally at home on either end of the microphone - whether interviewing or being interviewed.  IMDB Here

TODAY'S IMDB STARmeter RANK: 225,948
Arlene is in the Top 5% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!

And congratulations to our additional clients as well!

Congratulations to these amazing people for their IMDB STARmeter ranks.  Most of our additional clients are ranked fairly high and nearly all are climbing quickly.  Want to help?  Click the links below.  Become familiar with your fellow APS/Hollywood Success PR actor-clients.  Then do it all again when you think of it during the week.  Next week, when IMDB posts the new rankings, see if your visit to the site helped to provide you and your fellow clients with a higher rank.  Thank you.  The links follow; please click on each of the names . . .

Meli Alexander  - Delilah Andre - Tad Atkinson - Arlene Barshinger - Bill Blair -  - Jeffrey Breslauer - Sam Culver - Toni Deaver 99,104- Richmon Easmon - Laura Febres - Rick Foxx - Denise Glass - Brett Hunt - Lorraine Iwan 99,220 - Melissa Johnston - Judy Karman - Randy Kent - Vlatka Knezevic - Emily Kraudel - Richard Kray - Tommy Lentsch - Joycelyne Lew - Monique Lukens  - Todd Lundberg - Bria Lynn Massie - Kendall Murray \ - Myron Natwick - Tamara Nicole - Katherine Norland - Savannah Ostler - Len J. Phillips - Peggy Fields Richardson! 116,693  - Rock Riddle - Jake "The Snake" Roberts - Cali T. Rossen - Silvi Sebastian - Nadia Sahari - Bryan Sato - Gary Sievers  - Suzan Solomon  - Katarina Leigh Waters - Karimah Westbrook  - Carolyn Zanelli - Mike Zehr - Valentina Zell   THANK YOU!

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 (Multiple WireImage® photos online of
four of our clients walking the red carpet!)





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March 2, 2013 - Important Client Newsletter


Tomorrow - Sunday at Noon (and after)

We are extremely lucky to have multiple-award-winning producer-director-writer-actor and production company CEO PATRICK KILPATRICK as our very special VIP guest speaker tomorrow at noon. For complete information and to RSVP, please CLICK HERE

Please Join Us For a Very Special Afternoon with Multiple-Award-Winning Producer-Director-Actor Patrick Kilpatrick, President and CEO of Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc. with over 135 IMDB Credits and Ranked in the Upper 1/5th of 1% of Entertainment Industry Professionals Worldwide!

§  A Very Special Actors' Seminar & Networking Event - Sunday, March 3, 2013: 12:00 Noon until 2:15 PM at he Jeremiah Comey Studio (a beautiful theater in a great area with lots of free secure parking) 12215 Ventura Blvd., Suite 111 Studio City, CA 91604 (located in the Times Square Plaza, the home of Peet's Coffee, about 1 1/2 blocks west of Laurel Canyon Blvd.) Mr. Kilpatrick is a very busy producer-director-actor. He has over a dozen projects in various stages of development and will shortly be seeking talent for another star-driven feature film. Please bring your photo and resume for this amazing gentleman. AND BRING AN ACTOR FRIEND OR TWO!


And After the seminar . . .

Patrick and I are meeting to discuss several of his upcoming film projects. Non-disclosure agreements have been signed and we may be working together on one or more of his features. Whether or not this comes to fruition, it's great news for our clients (YOU!) . . . If everything goes well and we do work together, there is an executive producer credit or two for me (Rock Riddle) and probable good acting roles for several of our clients!



Entertainment Attorney Kevin James

The Next Mayor of Los Angeles?

As a top entertainment attorney, he certainly knows the entertainment industry. He spoke at two events where I was present. In both, I was lucky enough to be able to introduce him. The second event was a seminar and networking event we put together for our clients and other actors. Kevin impressed us. Research him and you'll be very impressed. In addition to exposing wrongdoings and cleaning up Los Angeles, he is VERY entertainment industry friendly and he promises to bring run-away production back to Los Angeles. If you haven't already firmly decided who you're going to vote for for mayor (or if you had decided to skip voting this Tuesday), please research this man - KevinJamesForMayor.com - and PLEASE VOTE TUESDAY! You will see major positive change with Mr. James in the mayor's office. And, it's always good to have the mayor of L.A. as a friend. :-)


Want to Join Him Tuesday Night?

TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 2013 - 7:30 PM: Los Angeles Mayoral candidate KEVIN JAMES invites you to vote today and then join him for the

Kevin James' Election Night Party!

"I have been invited to this event. Light snacks are provided free of charge, dinner can be purchased if you'd like. Please let me know RIGHT AWAY if you would like to attend, and I will see if I can confirm you for my VIP guest list. I cannot invite everyone, so I will invite those who would like to attend in the order the requests come in. Put KEVIN JAMES' ELECTION NIGHT PARTY RSVP in the subject line and drop me an e-mail right away. Rock@HollywoodSuccess.com" - Rock Riddle




Congratulations are in order

Yes, that's friend and client Joycelyne Lew in the photo. She is one of about fifteen of our clients who were cleared for the red carpet at a top Academy Awards gifting suite event. So, congratulations to all of our clients who walked that star-studded red carpet.

Also congratulations to Raven Davis and Khaliq Glover who were cleared for the First Annual Borgnine Movie Star Gala in Tribute to Academy Award-winning actor Ernest Borgnine’s Film Legacy and to Honor actor Sean Penn. Nancee Borgnine, founder of The Borgnine Group, and daughter of screen legend Ernest Borgnine, honored Sean Penn with the first Annual Ernie Award celebrating his acting achievements and humanitarian efforts. Guests included Eileen Brennan, Parick Brennan, Maxwell Caulfield, Jennifer Coolidge, Tim Conway, Barry Corbin, Chris Cousins, Leslie David Baker, Bruce Davidson, David DeLuise, Tony Denison, Christine Devine, Kevin Dobson, Natalie Dreyfuss, Hector Elizondo, Melissa Gilbert, Steven Glickman, Gage Golightly, Robert Gossett, Estelle Harris, Florence Henderson, Bo Hopkins, Ken Howard, Marilu Henner, Ernie Hudson, Lainie Kazan, Tom Kenny, Carlos Knight, Stephen Kramer Glickman, Diane Ladd, Piper Laurie, Kate Linder, Barbara Luna, Lee Majors, Larry Manetti, Christopher Massey, Jack McGeer, Kelly McGillis, Juliette Mills, Esai Morales, Mark Moses, director PES, Tony Plana, Haley Pubos, Ming Na, Doris Roberts, Charles Shaugnessy, Frank Stallone, Josh Sussman, Pendleton Ward, Anson Williams and others. Very, very cool. Raven and Khaliq were also cleared for the Academy Awards gifting suite red carpet for the same day, so, of course, chose the Ernest Borgnine Event. By the way, for those of you who were not cleared for the Borgnine event, don't feel bad - I wasn't cleared either . . . and I'm the publicist! :-( --- :-)

Congratulations are also in order for Abraham Ntonya. I personally introduced him to producer Kimberly Browning. She talked about him, introduced him to dozens of her fellow producers and even handed him the microphone to address the crowd at the February Hollywood Shorts Film Festival.

And, that's just the beginning!


Welcome to the March 2013 Events!


Many Events Upcoming

There are over twenty-five events on the March calendar so far. We will be adding dozens more to the calendar tomorrow. We'll be adding the Los Angeles Comedy Awards Red Carpet Event on Wednesday, for example, and we'll see how many clients are cleared for the red carpet. We'll be adding our seminar and networking event with Scott DuPont for March 31st, and, again, dozens of events in between. So, please make sure to check our CALENDAR OF EVENTS often. Thank you.



Until Next Time

A final reminder: Please remember to vote Tuesday! I'd really like to introduce our friend Kevin James as "Los Angeles Mayor Kevin James" at one of our upcoming events. -- And let me know right away if you want to attend Tuesday night. I hope to see you at tomorrow's seminar event with Patrick Kilpatrick - It will be amazing!

I'll have much more for you in a few days. Until then, All the best!

Rock Riddle, President
Hollywood Success Marketing and Public Relations / APS Entertainment



"For Members Only" - Saturday, December 22, 2012

Special Edition Client Newsletter - 12/22/12


"Both of My Heroes Are Gone . . ."   12/22/12


My Hero, Larry Hagman

On November 23, 2012, one of my heroes passed away - the man who brought J.R. Ewing to life - Mr. Larry Hagman.

I was lucky enough to be able to tell him, on the red carpet, and on camera, that he was my hero and how much influence he had on my life.

Video is here.
( http://youtu.be/Z8qcfT3FG60 )



Left to Right: Swede Hanson, Rock Riddle, and Rip Hawk


Rock Riddle on left, Rip Hawk on right, plus fans . . .

When asked "who was the most influential person in your life," the answer has always been easy - "Rip Hawk!"... When I was 14 years old, I started a fan club for him. When I weighed a whopping 130 pounds, he asked me if I wanted to be a wrestler. As I stumbled to find an answer, he asked "Do you think you can do it?" Again I searched for a response as he continued with the words that changed my life: "I think you can do it." That statement came from one of the greatest and most successful professional wrestlers in the world. I will always be grateful for his words, his support and his friendship. He passed away last night. What a sad day, now with both of my heroes gone. related video here.
( http://youtu.be/3jK2L17gzuk )


So . . .

Tomorrow at the Patrick Kilpatrick event, we celebrate LIFE! and SUCCESS!

Please join us tomorrow if you possibly can. If you observe closely tomorrow, you'll notice that I appreciate you and the opportunity at least a little more than before. :-)

Rip Hawk had an amazing sense of humor. Right now he must be thinking, "I guess those Aztec guys were right!" So the world ended yesterday for my friend, mentor and hero Rip Hawk. For the rest of us, life goes on. I hope you'll help me celebrate being alive tomorrow. And, please invite your actor friends. Arrive with a smile; It's going to be a wonderful event.


Copy From Thursday . . . Please Read It Again!

Following is a reprint of Thursday's newsletter. PLEASE take time to READ IT AGAIN. We still have that amazing Ultimate Holiday Gift offer available. The best offer, by far, that we have ever made in our 30+ year history. Please remember, Opportunities Are Never Missed; They Are Simply Passed On To The Next Person. Hint: Don't be the "next person." :-) Take advantage if you possibly can - it really is an incredible "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" offer.

By the way - If there's anyone reading this who really wants to take advantage of the offer but spent every dime he or she had on holiday gifts for others, there's still a solution. PayPal has a "Bill Me Later" option. So, if you pay with PayPal and choose that option, PayPal pays us right away, but you can make zero-interest payments to them for up to six months. And, if you decide to take more than six months to pay, the interest rate is reasonable. And you will save thousands of dollars! That's our way of celebrating life and celebrating the holidays . . . and saying, "Thank you. We appreciate you. Happy Holidays!"





The "Rock Riddle" DocuFilm Has Begun . . .


Click for the Video

Wow, what an honor it is . . .

. . . to have a feature-length documentary done about me.

Many of our clients will be featured in the film, so please let me know if you'd like to be a part.

If you click here: http://youtu.be/PPbbognUNv4  you'll see and hear the producer-director talking about the project last Sunday, on the first day of shooting.  


Another Amazing Holiday Gift For You SUNDAY...


Hint: He Hires Actors!

Please Join Us For a Very Special Afternoon with an extraordinary Multiple-Award-Winning Producer-Director-Actor - Patrick Kilpatrick - President and CEO of Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc., he is IMDB Ranked in the Upper 1/5th of 1% of Entertainment Industry Professionals Worldwide --

He will be joined by at least two additional industry speakers and we want you and your friends to attend!


A Very Special Holiday Event

Sunday, December 23, 2012: 12:00 Noon until 2:15 PM

The Jeremiah Comey Studio (a beautiful theater in a great area with lots of free secure parking), 12215 Ventura Blvd., Suite 111 Studio City, CA 91604 (located in the Times Square Plaza, the home of Peet's Coffee, about 1 1/2 blocks west of Laurel Canyon Blvd.)

"Sunday sounds good to me, Rock ... happy to do it. I have been directing and producing a picture called Active Shooter for several months but we are in post now so Sunday is fine. Also just finished stint on Burn Notice and a feature film as actor/producer Chavez Cage of Glory. Best, Patrick"

Please feel free to SHARE this information with your industry friends. This is the first time in two years that this industry icon has been able to join us. Please take advantage of the opportunity, and feel free to bring photos and resumes.

Official RSVP here: http://PatrickKilpatrick1.eventbrite.com or just drop me an email if it's easier for you. So far we have 13 confirmed and 11 probables. But the person we want to see there more than any of them is YOU!




2012 Vendetty Awards

On Saturday night I received Vendetta Pro Wrestling's "2012 Wow Moment of the Year" award. It was a fun event. I have video with less than wonderful sound quality if you'd like to see it ( http://youtu.be/DIv7Jg06SYg  ). I should be getting the professional video within a few weeks and will upgrade with the good stuff at that point. I also expect to have photos from at least one of the professional photographers who covered the event. As you can see from the photos here, it was a fun event.



Next Newsletter...

I plan to have your next newsletter to you within a few days.

There's lots going on - exciting things - and I'll bring you up to date over the next few newsletters.

Until next time, have a wonderful Holiday Season and come out Sunday if you possibly can. All the best!

Rock Riddle


November 27, 2012 Members Only Newsletter


"For Members Only" - Tuesday Afternoon, 11/27/12


Red Carpet Premiere

Next Thursday, December 6, at 3:30 PM there is a RED CARPET FILM PREMIERE at the Arclight Cinema (The "Cinerama Dome") in Hollywood. The film is entitled "Edge of Salvation" and stars Charlene Tilton (of "Dallas" fame).


A huge 4'11" star: Charlene Tilton


I believe we will be able to get several of our clients on this red carpet. If you are available and would like to potentially walk this carpet, please email me Rock@HollywoodSuccess.com RIGHT AWAY with "12/6/12 RED CARPET YES" OR '12/6/12 RED CARPET NO" in the subject line. THE most prestigious red carpets take place at two theatres - The Chinese and Arclight. I want to make the submission by no later than midnight. So, please let me know right away. Thank you!

Note from Rock: Way back in the 1980's I watched every episode of "Dallas." I loved the late Larry Hagman's "J.R. Ewing" character . . . and I really enjoyed watching Charlene Tilton. It will be great to finally meet her in person. :-)





Katarina Leigh Waters and Ed Magik



Rock Riddle and Tony Tarantino


Tad Atkinson



What An Opportunity For The Attendees!


Last Sunday's Seminar

We had a great seminar last Sunday. Those who missed it missed a really good event. Speakers included Tad Atkinson and Tony Tarantino. Also joining us in the audience were producer-director Ed Magik of Ed Magik TV; producer-actor-pro wrestling superstar Katarina Leigh Waters; and producer Robert Janek -- not to mention the two producers for the upcoming "Queen Kong" feature film and a few recognizable actors. We never know who will be joining us at these seminar events. Please join us for the next one - SUNDAY at NOON!


Our Seminar & Networking Event for THIS Sunday


Hope To See You There

We have confirmation from two of this Sunday's three industry speakers . . . and we're awaiting word on the third . . . a NAME producer-star. Reserve the day if you possibly can. We expect to receive confirmation and be able to name our special guest speaker within the next two days. Again, hope to see you there!



The Hollywood Success Online Videos

I received a message yesterday from a producer I had not yet met in person. She told me that she had seen all of the videos on our site - and she was very impressed.

I took a look at our page of videos - and I watched each video again. There are some really good and informative videos there. If you haven't seen them - or if you haven't seen them recently - TAKE A LOOK. We plan to add several more to that page and to our YouTube channel in December (we have literally hundreds of hours of video that we haven't edited or uploaded . . . including some amazing footage!)



§  A meeting with the producer-directors is expected to take place late this week regarding the proposed upcoming documentary. They seem quite serious. We'll let you know the results of the upcoming talks.

§  Our first radio show will take place in December. We expect the metamorphosis to an online TV show to take place early next year.

§  If you missed Saturday night's West Coast premiere of "The Short-e Show" (our client's newest project), you can view it here.

§  Several exciting changes/upgrades to our operations will go into effect in the new year. We'll keep you updated.

§  You can vote - and/or vote again (see below)



"Vote For Me!" :-)

Did you vote? Could you? (Again?)

COULD YOU DO ME A FAVOR, PLEASE? In April I WRESTLED in a 30-man over-the-top-rope battle royal and walked (well, limped) away with the trophy. That win is being considered for the "WOW moment of the year 2012 Award." Could you take a moment and vote for me? (Even if you already voted, you can vote again!) CLICK HERE, PLEASE - Go to the 7th category, "WOW Moment of the Year 2012" and click the third choice: "Rock Riddle wins Casino Royale Rumble" After you've voted, send me a message letting me know. Rock@HollywoodSuccess.com . I will be happy to add you to my "helpful friends" folder where I look for ways to repay favors. Thank you!



Next Newsletter

I plan to have your next newsletter completed and to you within the next few days. Until that time . . . All the best!

Rock Riddle, President
APS Entertainment &
Hollywood Success PR



"For Members Only" - Sunday, November 11, 2012
-- Photos From Thursday's Red Carpet Event! --








Photos From Friday's Exclusive Entertainment Industry Celebration!


The Ultimate Professional Networking Experience - The ultimate networking experience is a private VIP event with a limited number of guests that takes place at a beautiful private home owned by powerful entertainment industry professionals. When you are invited into someone's private home and accepted "as family," you have experienced one of the rarest of opportunities ever offered in our industry. This happened for six of our clients Friday night, October 19, 2012 . . .







"For Members Only" - 7:00 PM, Saturday, October 13, 2012
Photos from Last Night's Red Carpet Premiere





The Key to "Red Carpet Success" is . . . Having Fun!


"For Members Only" - 3:15 PM, Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Photos From Monday Night's Red Carpet Premiere
12 of Our Clients Were Cleared To Walk the Red Carpet


Another Amazing Success Story!
Former client ANDY DICK and ROCK RIDDLE
reunite at Monday's red carpet premiere.

Photo courtesy of



- Hundreds of Additional Photos -
Hundreds of photos from this event have already hit the internet (a dozen are here) . - The "Least Among Saints" red carpet premiere

"For Members Only" - 3:45 PM, Monday, September 24, 2012
The Following Is From Yesterday's APS Event - and Just Appeared on PR Photos.com


The following just appeared on PR Photos (PRPhotos.com) - Click the title below for the actual link and more photos.
64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Pre-Emmy Networking Event Hosted by Rock Riddle
2012-09-23 - Jeremiah Comey Studios - Studio City, CA, USA

Amanda Marziano

Hannah Madigan

Tad Atkinson

Lorraine Iwan

Fran Scott

-- More Photos Here --

"For Members Only" - 9:15 AM, Sunday, September 16, 2012
A Copy of Today's (And Yesterday's) "Members Only" Newsletters


WWE Superstar Added to Today's Seminar! 9/16/12

Kharma Confirmed for Noon Today!

In WWE, she is known as "Kharma." In TNA, she is known as "Awesome Kong." To her friends, she is known as "Kia."

Kia has confirmed that she will be attending our seminar event today at noon. She will be discussing several projects including her upcoming TV series, "The Kia Stevens Project."

I met with Kia for well over an hour in my office yesterday and we discussed her upcoming projects. The conversation continued at Sharky's Restaurant in Hollywood. Suffice it to say that I have a fairly good overview of her upcoming projects - and how APS actors can potentially benefit.

Kia is in town meeting with TV network executives and other impressive industry VIPs. I knew that she was well-connected in both the wrestling and entertainment industries; I just didn't realize how really well connected she was. She will only be in town for another week. If you want to meet her, this may be your only opportunity!

Please Join Us at Noon Today!

Please join us. We start at 12:00 noon and we have four speakers. Information is here.

You can also RSVP here. Be sure to use the promotional code "VIP."

12:00 Noon Today - The Jeremiah Comey Studios
12215 Ventura Blvd., #111, Studio City, CA 91604

Next e-mail: Monday. Until then, All the best!

Rock Riddle, President
Hollywood Success PR
APS Entertainment


Saturday, 9/15/12 - "For Members Only" News

Producers Discuss Their Upcoming Feature Films

Good Afternoon!

First of all, here's a reminder about tomorrow's seminar and networking event at noon in Studio City:

For Information and/or to RSVP, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Additional information is also available HERE

It will be a very good event, and we sincerely hope you can join us!



I just received a phone call from one of my WWE Superstar wrestler friends. If you follow wrestling, you may know her as "Awesome Kong," "Amazing Kong" or "Kharma." Those of us who know her as a friend simply call her "Kia" (Kia Stephens).

Kia called to let me know that she is in Los Angeles and wanted to "talk some business" with me and asked when I would be available.

"I'm in my office all day today - if that works for you," I suggested.

"Have you eaten lunch?" she asked. I told her that I had not.

"I already have a meeting at 3:00 today. Suppose I come to your office around 4:30 this afternoon and take you to a late lunch/early dinner?" she suggested.

"What? Me buy this little guy dinner?!?"


So . . . it appears that I'll be having dinner and talking with my very-well-connected friend Kia later in the day.

Kia knows a lot of people in the entertainment industry and the professional wrestling business.

I'll let you know how the meeting goes and what we discuss that could potentially include the APS actors!

Meet Her In Person Tomorrow?

I'll also see if Kia is available at noon tomorrow.

If she is . . .

I'll invite her to attend our seminar event and you'll be able to meet her in person!

(not a bad contact to make!)


Lots of Red Carpets Upcoming

There are lots of events upcoming. Over 140 are listed on our September Calendar of Events already with more being added on a daily basis!

Please be sure to let us know
* Which events are of most interest *
* What your availability is over the next few weeks *
* Which, if any, events are not of interest *

Thank you!


Radio Show Wednesday

I had a great phone conversation with Arlene Barshinger this morning. She hosts the daily (Mon-Fri) 1-hour radio show "UnScripted - Arlene Barshinger's Report on Entertainment News"

One of our clients, producer-actor Brett Hunt, was a featured guest last week. I will be Arlene's guest on Wednesday's show (11:00 am until 12:00 noon Pacific Time).

Want to do a Live Radio Interview?

Arlene is very open to interviewing our clients.

If you'd like to be on the show, drop me an email with "Radio Show" in the subject line.

My educated guess is that Arlene will interview every interested APS-Hollywood Success client who wants to appear live on her show! And, since she does five shows per week, her schedule is fairly flexible.


Your Next Newsletter

Your next newsletter will be to you within a few days . . . with lots more information, opportunities, and updates!

Until then . . . All the best!

Rock Riddle, President
Hollywood Success PR
APS Entertainment

Serving the Entertainment Industry for Over 30 Years!



A Few Photos From the RED CARPET at the Burbank International Film Festival
(September 8, 2012)





"For Members Only" - 5:45 PM, Tuesday, September 4, 2012
The Burbank International Film Festival & The VegasCineFest International Film Festival

I just spoke with our friend Jeff Rector about ten minutes ago.  Jeff is the President of the Burbank International Film Festival.  The festival opens tomorrow and runs through Sunday.  www.BurbankFilmFestival.org

Jeff will be clearing some of our clients
for red carpet appearances later in the week.  He has information on all of our clients.  He will clear as many as he can and asked that I give him a call Thursday morning to discuss which of our clients would be approved for which red carpets there.

Jeff has spoken at our seminar events half a dozen times - normally about once a year - and he usually attends our private estate networking events.  Oh, yes, even more importantly, he has hired several of our clients for his film projects already and will certainly hire more in the future.

I received a phone call
early this afternoon from Vinny Gajee, the Festival Manager for the upcoming VegasCineFest at the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas.  (www.VegasCineFest.com).  He told me that they have plenty of publicity in Las Vegas but that they need PR in Los Angeles. I asked him to e-mail me information and he did.  Before I get back to him, I need to know how many of our clients would be interested in using this as an "excuse" to go to Vegas for a red carpet.  (We sent you a separate email with details - Please take a look and let us know)  -  Thank you!

"For Members Only" - 5:45 PM, Sunday, September 2, 2012
Photos From Today's Seminar Event

Dr. Shelley Sykes interviewed all of today's attendees for her TV show

Two actors were asked to work in her upcoming film projects!

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

(HINT:  Our next seminar event takes place September 9, 2012 - and you're invited!)

"For Members Only" - 9:30 AM, Sunday, September 2, 2012
More Event Photos From Yesterday's "White Red Carpet"



Lots More Photos Here

"For Members Only" - 5:00 PM, Thursday, August 30, 2012
More Event Photos - "The Walking Dead"


 "The Walking Dead Season 2" DVD signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA - Tuesday, August 28, 2012



August 27, 2012 Hollywood Networking Event

a private professional networking event presented by The Robb Company
(APS-HollywoodSuccess PR clients are always on the VIP guest list)



August 26, 2012 Hollywood Success Seminar & Networking Event with

(1) Prominent Entertainment Attorney, Radio Personality and Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Kevin James
 (2) Multiple Award-Winning Producer-Director-Writer Bryan Michael Stoller
(3) Little Bear, The Star of "First Dog" and "First Dog - Second Term"
(4) APS-Hollywood Success PR President Rock Riddle
- and -
(4) A Full Theatre of Professional Actors, Producers & Directors.


 www.KevinJamesForMayor.com - www.BryanMichaelStoller.com - www.HollywoodSuccess.com

"For Members Only" - 7:50 PM, Sunday, August 12, 2012
3 More Events in the Past 4 Days - Photos!

PHOTOS from Sunday, August 12, 2012
Another Great
Red Carpet Event at Paramount Studios!

Part I - "It's a Really Tough Job, But Somebody Has to Do It"


Part II - "But Seriously . . ."


And, of course . . .


Always remember to have fun!

PHOTOS from Saturday, August 11, 2012
The Most Anticipated DVD Signing in Months - Halloween 4 & Halloween 5 with Producers, Directors, Cast/Crew - A Great Networking Opportunity!


Above right, Rock talks with multiple-award-winning producer, director, and special effects genius John Carl Buechler.  "You WILL put our actors in your next movie . . . won't you! . . . Okay, how about NOW!"  (Wow, what Rock won't do for his PR clients!)  :-)

Okay, now Rock discovers that producer and agent Timothy Beal has martial arts and professional wrestling experience.  "Okay," Rock suggests, "tie up with me." :-)
 It seems we have mutual friends in the wrestling and acting business, and we may be working together soon.  Small world!  And, of course, Rock's quote from the above photo to the right:  "Say you'll hire our actors of I'll break your other finger!"  (What a guy!  What won't Rock do for his PR clients!)     :-)

PHOTOS from Thursday, August 9. 2012

Literally thousands of photos have shown up already from this most productive event.  You've probably seen a few dozen.  Here are some you may not have seen yet . . .



Hundreds and hundreds more if you Google "In Transit Movie Premiere, August 9, 2010"

"For Members Only" - 5:45 PM, Friday, August 3, 2012
Photos from last night's red carpet event

Following are a few photos from last night's red carpet . . .


It's a fun business . . . always remember to have fun!


Speaking of having fun . . .
"You look tired, Corey Feldman.  Want to go to sleep?"  :-)



It was a good event!


"For Members Only" - 10:25 AM, Thursday, August 2, 2012
A copy of the actual e-Newsletter


"For Members Only" - Saturday, July 28, 2012 - 2:45 PM
A Question for You . . .

"I was one of two guest speakers at today's monthly meeting of a Los Angeles business group.  The main speaker was  entertainment attorney Kevin James, who just happens to be running for Mayor of Los Angeles.  The latest polls indicate that he is a strong candidate who has risen to second place in popularity.  I have invited him; and he has expressed interest in attending our next networking event.  Now, here's my question to you:  Would you be interested in having him as a guest speaker at an upcoming seminar?  No, he is not a producer who can hire you for an upcoming feature film, but he is a very good and well-connected entertainment attorney who could just possibly be the next mayor of Los Angeles.  e-Mail me please and let me know.  Rock@HollywoodSuccess.com  Thanks!"
 -- Rock Riddle
(Click the photo for more information)

"For Members Only" - Saturday, July 28, 2012 - 1:20 PM
A Few Photos From Last Night's Premiere - with 11 of our clients interviewed on the Red Carpet!






"For Members Only" - Friday, July 27, 2012 - 11:20 AM

11 of Our Clients Cleared for Tonight's Red Carpet


Tonight is the premiere: Tony Tarantino presents

"Underbelly Blues"

(More Fiction - Less Pulp)

Several of us will be attending. If you haven't already RSVP'd and would like to join us, here's the information:

FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2012 - 7:00 PM RED CARPET  8:00 PM Screening: Tony Tarantino invites you to the Sneak Preview of the award-winning dark comedy "Underbelly Blues." Writers Guild Theater, 135 S. Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. [Free] RSVP at www.Arsenbproductions.com or www.UnderBellyBlues.com or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/363004490434596/

RED CARPET:  11 of our clients have been CLEARED TO WALK TONIGHT'S RED CARPET.  Check your e-mail.  If you received a "cleared" e-mail, please confirm with us right away that you will actually be there by 6:45 pm to walk the RED CARPET.

"For Members Only" - Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 4:50 PM
Today's Red Carpet - A Few Early Photos

14 of Our Clients Walked the Red Carpet
at a Major Movie Premiere at Universal Studios Today!
Many More Photos Here


Dozens of photographers and videographers covered today's red carpet event, so tons of red carpet photos will begin showing up online over the next few days.  In the photos above are clients Bill Blair (world record holder-actor-producer) and Katarina Waters (extraordinary professional wrestler and actress).  Also Suzanne DeLaurentiis (producer of the film) and Rock Riddle.  Suzanne DeLaurentiis is one of the very top producers in our industry.  Her IMDB STARMeter ranks her within the upper one-fiftieth of one percent of entertainment industry professionals worldwide!  In fact, as of today, they have her ranked slightly higher than Ron Howard!  (Wow!) 




To the left is Savannah Ostler, professional actress and singer (and PR client, of course).  Savannah has been so busy that this is the first time we've seen her in person for months!  

Dozens of photos to follow . . .




"For Members Only" - Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 7:00 AM

Congratulations to the following APS Entertainment/Hollywood Success PR Clients -- All cleared to walk the red carpet today at Universal Studios!

Tad Atkinson
Bill Blair
Millie Capellan

Nancy Degan
Denise Glass
Lorraine Iwan
Thushari Jayasekera

Melissa Johnston

Richard Kray

Charlie Liang

Myron Natwick
Melanie Nolen
Katherine Norland

Savannah Ostler

Rock Riddle

 Cali T. Rossen
Suzan Solomon

Katarina Waters


"For Members Only" - Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 3:20 PM
4 More Clients Cleared for the DeLaurentiis Red Carpet Premiere at Universal Studios!

- Small World -

Four more of our clients had their schedules open up and asked if they could possibly be cleared for Thursday's Red Carpet Premiere at Universal Studios.  I told them that I would do my very best - "but it may be too late now."  Well, here's today's conversation regarding adding four more (notice the bolded, underlined wording - that's GREAT for you!):

EPR:  Thanks  All are confirmed.  Please let me know if the names you submitted are for sure coming?  If so I'll add them to the tip sheet for the press ;)  Thanks, Misty
RR:  At this time, all are confirmed.  Thank you very much, - Rock
EPR: awesome.  thanks ;-)
RR:  Thank you, Misty
EPR: I think we met at Cauliflower Alley Convention in Vegas.  My husband is Scott L. Schwartz.  lol  Not sure if you remembered ;)
Of course!  Thank you!  I felt a familiarity with you via the emails back and forth.  Now I know why!  Excellent!  Now I’m really looking forward to seeing you again.  Will Scott be there?  Thanks,  Rock
EPR: thanks.  no, he doesn't like red carpet events  lol
RR:  That IS funny!  Thanks, Rock

The photo to the right features, from left to right, producer-actor Jack Armstrong, producer-actor Scott Schwartz . . . and me at a CAC Convention in Las Vegas!
What a small world!  Another great door is opened . . . and opened wide . . . for us and our clients!  That's very cool!

"For Members Only" - Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 1:00 PM
New Times for Sunday APS/Hollywood Success Seminars!

I just received a phone call from Jeremiah Comey, the owner of the studio/theatre where we are currently producing our Sunday seminar events.  He needs for us to change our time so we can be finished by 3:00 pm.  Therefore . . .

We're going to do a seminar this Sunday, July 29, from 12:00 noon until 2:30 pm.

For future events, we may alter the time a little.  We can go in Sunday morning as early as we'd like - as long as we're out by 3:00 pm

I'd like your input.  What 2 1/2 hour block of time (that will allow us out by 3:00 pm) do you think would be ideal on a Sunday?  11:00 am until 1:30 pm?  Earlier?  What would work best for you?  Rock@HollywoodSuccess.com

Thank you!

Rock Riddle

"For Members Only" - Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 11:00 AM
We Need For You To RECONFIRM for Thursday's Red Carpet Please


For those of you who did NOT see the initial email in time, but have asked to be added to the RED CARPET, we need for you to RECONFIRM that you ARE available and want to walk the red carpet Thursday.

We were able to get 14 of our clients cleared initially.  One of the reasons that we were able to get so many clients "red carpet cleared" was because the information had not been released to publicists yet.  Now other publicists have the information and have made lots of client submissions.  This makes it more challenging to get additional APS/Hollywood Success clients added.  However, in two hours we will submitting our final revised client request.  SO, PLEASE LET US HEAR FROM YOU NOW - BEFORE we submit that final request.  And, congratulations to the original 14 who have already been cleared.  We'll see you Thursday!

A STRONG SUGGESTION - - - Please have email from us go directly to your cell phone.  That way, you won't miss opportunities.  On those occasions where we need to hear from you right away in order to submit you for (and/or have you cleared for) a red carpet event -- and you do NOT respond to us quickly -- you run the risk that you will not be considered for that project/event.  And, we never want you to miss an appropriate, career-boosting opportunity.

Thank you!

Rock Riddle



"For Members Only" - Saturday, July 21, 2012 - 6:30 PM

Good Evening!

We're limited in what we can include in an e-mailed newsletter; in order to include more information and share recent red carpet photos with you, we've "Moved" your newsletter here.  This is an experiment; please let us know what you think.  Let's begin with some recent red carpet photos...

5 Red Carpets in 5 Days!

  It's Tomorrow!!

Please Join Us!


This Event Includes a Special Screening
. . . and a few Producer Drop-Ins

A Note from Rock Riddle:  I'm finally going to do it.  On Sunday, July 22, for those who want to see it, I will be screening, for the first time ever, about 15 minutes of a rough cut of a TV pilot in which I starred.  And, here's your warning in advance:  This project is a "tea party mockumentary."  As such, it is totally politically incorrect, containing "adult" language, racial slurs, drug use/references and sexual situations.  In other words, it's an "equal opportunity offender."  The project was initially shot as a pilot (for series) for Sony's Crackle network.  They wanted something "really edgy" . . . and the producers of this project more than complied . . .

Those who would rather skip the screening are welcome to wait in the front theatre reception area.  For those who do see it, please let me know your feelings afterward.  Should we dare ever screen this again . . . or bury it forever?  :-)   And, for those who do see it, please keep in mind that you are not seeing me, Rock Riddle - you are seeing the character (Mike "The Moose" Meckler) that I played.  Thanks!
Eventbrite - Actors' Seminar-Special Screening-Networking Event
Use the Promotional Code "ThankYouRock" (without the quotation marks and with no spaces) and your total cost is only $5.00 


At last Sunday's seminar event, several producers-directors-casting directors dropped by.  They included:

(1)  BILL BLAIR:  Bill officially announced his new production company, NovaStar Pictures and talked briefly about his upcoming projects.  (Guess who Bill will be hiring for those films?)

(2)  PAMELA STATON:  A well-known and well-respected casting director, Pamela will probably have the casting director credit on the upcoming feature film "Squared Circle" which Ray Forchion is producing in association with Rock Riddle/APS.  Pamela is also a producer who has three upcoming feature films in various stages of development.  (Guess who she will be hiring for some of those roles?)

(3)  DONALD F. GLUT:  A multiple-award-winning producer-director-writer who has already hired at least two dozen APS actors for his nineteen projects (including starring roles!!), Don made several announcements.  They included the "official" announcement that he will be casting and directing four feature films during the next twelve months for Gregory Hatanaka's Cinema Epoch film production company.  Don also let us know that Gregory has expressed serious interest in funding or partially funding Don's next feature film - the one about female werewolves.  Don stated that he would personally fund up to half of his upcoming feature, depending on how much above 50% is financed by Cinema Epoch.  (Guess who Don will be hiring for those five feature films?)

(4)  BOBBY CHERRY:  Mr. Cherry came by to lend his support and to announce the formation of his film production company.  (Guess who he will be hiring for his upcoming film projects?)

We have much more information to share with you, but time does not allow us to do so in this newsletter.  We plan to have your next newsletter to you by Thursday.  By the way, did we mention what's happening Thursday? . . . 14, yes 14 of our clients are cleared to walk the red carpet at Universal Studios . . . VERY COOL!!!  "Stone Marker," a Suzanne DeLaurentiis Production in association with Promethean Light Media Red Carpet.
>>> CHECK YOUR EMAIL - If you let us know in time that you wanted to walk this red carpet, YOU WERE CLEARED.  PLEASE acknowledge receipt of the "clearance" e-mail.  Thank you!

Oh, yes . . . One more thing:  After the seminar and screening are over tomorrow afternoon, I will be heading back to Hollywood for another good networking event (free).  Here are the details.  Please feel free to join me.  It's certainly worthwhile . . .

SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012 - 5:00 PM:  Hollywood Shorts presents its Short Film Program #11 and Filmmaker Happy Hour Networking Event.  From 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM.  A good networking opportunity with friendly and supportive people including more producers than non-producers.  Free.  For more information and/or to RSVP: http://jul22-es2.eventbrite.com  "I suggest you attend, and I hope to see you there.  I look forward to introducing you . . ."  -  Rock Riddle
Until next time . . .


Rock Riddle
Kidding around on the
red carpet again . . . . .

"Always make sure you're having fun!"

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